Stain Solution Pro is a liquid cleaner for the removal of already dried and absorbed stains – also in deeper layers. The cleaner is NSF-certified (use is allowed in the food sector), ph-neutral and of biological origin.

It is perfect for depth cleaning of floors, tools or dirty machinery, before you have to either replace them or do an environmentally damaging and time-consuming cleaning , with chemical agents.

It is the perfect equivalent to the natural fiber product helping you with liquid problems!

Product Picture Stain Solution Pro Article No. EAN Code Weight Dimensions Data sheet
Stain Solution Pro 1L 100810 0765643148006 1,00 kg 108x62x220
Stain Solution Pro 20L 100812 0765643148020 20,00 kg 290x246x385
Stain Solution Pro Ready-To-Use 1L 100813 0765643148037 0,40 kg 70x70x230
Stain Solution Pro Sprayer 5L (leer) 100814 0765643148044 1,30 kg 200x200x500