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Why is our binder better than other binders?

Keyword environmental protection and occupational safety!!!

It is organic! No chemicals, it is 100% natural! No harm comes to humans, the environment or animals when it is used! And: It is inexpensive to dispose of as it weighs very little. It is also much more rapid in use than competing products!


Are the fibre products really organic and natural?

Yes, they are 100% natural. No chemicals are used during the production process. The fibre is chopped into the appropriate size during production and then dried. In this way, it is ensured that the absorption works.

What is the weight of the product?

The 50 litre bag has a weight of about 7,5 kg. So it is extremely light. Nevertheless, the fibres are not blown away by the wind.


How fast does the fibre work?

In a few seconds, which makes a significant difference to other binders!


How much do the products absorb?

Fact 1: 50 litres of a bag can absorb 33 litres of chemical liquids. This means that the ratio is 2:3.

Fact 2: The fibres absorb four times their own weight (7,5kg to 33 litres). This means that later disposal will be much less expensive than with competing products.


What kind of substances do the fibres absorb?

They absorb almost every chemical liquid. But not water! A list of chemicals can be found on our website.


On which surface do the fibres work?

On almost any surface! Whether on water, on road surfaces or in the production hall.


Where can the fibre be used?

In any industrial sector where there are points of contact with chemical liquids: Petrol stations, workshops, production halls, power stations, fire brigades, police, municipalities, navy, oil platforms etc. – in fact everywhere.


Can the fibre products burn?

Yes, from an unrealistically constant high temperature. For this, you would need a flamethrower that sets fire to the fibres over a long period of time.


Do the fibres absorb water?

NO! The fibres only absorb the chemical substances – not the water. Therefore, use on water (for example, an oil spill resulting of a tanker accident) is possible without any problems. Keyword: environmental protection!


In what way must the fibre be disposed of?

According to the legal requirements in the local area – usually by hazardous waste. The contaminated fibre will then either be burned or put in a landfill.


Is the binding agent of any danger to me?

No, as it is 100% organic, it is completely safe for both people and animals and for the environment.


How long can the fibres be stored?

If they are properly stored in a dry and protected place (e.g. in their own packaging), they will not go mouldy or similar.


Is the binder certified?

If they are properly stored in a dry and protected place (e.g. in their own packaging), they will not go mouldy or similar.



Is Stain Solution Pro in liquid form?

Yes, it is casually speaking the fibre in liquid form – the counterpart to the fibre. The fibre absorbs everything that is liquid, Stain Solution Pro eliminates everything that is already absorbed and dried.

Plus, it’s ph-neutral.


Is Stain Solution Pro certified?

Yes, it is NSF certified and may therefore be used in the food industry. The NSF certification classes A1 and A8 certify the approval for the food sector.


How much can I clean with Stain Solution pro?

Undiluted: 1 litre cleans 6-10 m².

Diluted (with 50% water): 1 liter cleans 3-5 m²


How do I use the product?

Spray on the contaminated area. Use a brush, for example, to rub it in. Leave to soak in for 2-4 minutes. Rub off with water. Done!

If necessary, repeat several times.

Important: A mixing ratio of 50% Stain Solution Pro and 50% water is sufficient (warm water increases the effect).


How much dirt does Stain Solution Pro remove?

The cleaner removes almost 100% of the chemical substances!


Does Stain Solution Pro pose a risk to me?

No, it is completely safe for humans.


Where can Stain Solution Pro be used?

In any industrial sector where there are points of contact with chemical liquids: Petrol stations, workshops, production halls, power stations, fire brigades, police, municipalities, navy, oil platforms etc. – in fact everywhere.


On which surfaces does Stain Solution Pro work?

On almost any ground – even in deep layers. Regardless of whether it is on the road, on glass, at petrol stations, on industrial floors, etc.


Does Stain Solution Pro only work on the floor?

No, it cleans all surfaces. For example, machinery, tables, walls, pipes, tools, etc.


What is the durability of Stain Solution Pro?

If stored correctly (do not store next to heated machines or similar), it will last indefinitely.




What do the cushions & tubes contain?

The fibre binder.


Where can the cushions and hoses be used?

On grounds and all waters. They stay on the surface and suck up the chemical substances.

Possible fields of applications: Practically every branch, e.g. marine, fire brigade, police, etc.


Do the cushions and hoses absorb water?

No, so they can be used easily in water, e.g. on waterways or lakes.



What is included in the sets?

A number of different things. But in principle you will find in the kits the binder, cushions and accessory.


Where can I use the sets?

Everywhere where things need to be fixed quickly. The sets are quickly at hand and great for small leaks on the go.



Where can the barriers be used?

Wherever chemical substances float on the water surface and need to be kept from spreading. For this purpose, the water should ideally be calm.


How long can the barriers float on the water?

For at least 6 months. And often much longer!


What are the barriers made of?

They are made of the polypropylene plastic. The material is waterproof, unbreakable, frost-resistant and UV-resistant.


Can I connect several barriers?

The integrated snap hooks allow you to do this.



Where can I use the containments?

Wherever chemical substances can spill out of openings. They prevent contamination of the ground.


How fast is the assembly?

The assembly is done in a few seconds with a few simple steps.


How can I clean the dirty containments?

Simply absorb the liquids with the fibre binder.


Is it possible to use the containments several times?

Of course, this is possible without any problems.



Where can the mats be used?

Wherever chemical substances can escape from openings. The mats thus prevent contamination of the floor.


What kind of substances do the mats absorb?

The chemical substances only. They completely repel the water.



Where can the covers be used?

Wherever chemical substances can flow into openings. Example: manhole covers or open pipelines.


Is it possible to use the products more than once?

Yes, multiple use is possible. For this purpose, the product must be cleaned. The strongly adhesive substrate does not lose its adhesive effect and can therefore be used multiple times!



Are the accessories only available as specified?

No, an individual customisation is always possible on request.



Are these products also certified?

The quality of the products has been tested/certified so well that they are approved for use in the cosmetics sector.



What does the product range help against?

Completely helpful against bacteria and viruses.


Is the product range skin-friendly?

Definitely yes.



Against what do the products protect?

The products are effective against HIV, SARS, coronavirus also in dogs and humans, swine flu, bird flu and influenza strains H5N1, H3N2, H1N1 and H3N2.



What can the products do?

The products protect the skin before, during and after contact with harmful/chemical agents such as oil.


Which ingredients do the products contain?

Aloe vera juice, almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter, beeswax and jojoba oil.